I hope you can find everything you need. The Designing Lady is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from I am sure you'll find the special item you are loooking for.                 

In an effort to keep upgrading my product I have found some amazing new glass

artists. Most of my glass artists are in the U.S but I now have custom glass

beads from Israel, England, Canada, Ukraine and Portugal. This glass is made exclusively for my

stainless serving pieces. Each artist brings a new look to my pieces. Stop by and see all the new stainless

 items and the wonderful new glass beads.

                                                                    SPECIAL OFFER                                             ‚Äč

Starting in a few days I am going to offer a few one of a kind items for sale.  You will need to call me if you see something you wish to buy.  I will then pull it off the website.  Remember there is only 1 of each piece. Watch for the pictures on the next page under "About US". There will be free shipping on 2 or more items.

I will run your credit card over the phone (please do not put your credit card in an e-mail)  E-mail me your address and the box will be off to you within 2 days.  I use flat rate shipping.  Phone 520-444-1666



 However I am here in Arizona  staying in the house.  We certainly do not want to catch the virus.  I am open for business and will ship out orders.  Want something?  Give me a call, tell me what you are interested in and I will send you pictures of what is in stock.  It will ship out within a few days. (520-444-1666)

My summer shows are listed below.  Unfortunately both  the Jackson Hole shows have been cancelled.  I am very disapointed

the August show was cancelled but expected the July one to be cancelled.  Keep watching the shows that hopefully will be able to go on.  Right now all the shows are in Colorado.


                                                                          2020 SHOWS 

July 10,11,12, 2020

Jackson Hole Art Festival

Jackson, Wyoming


July 21, 2020

Lake City Art Festival

Lake City, Colorado


September 4,5,6, 2020

Lake Dillon Arts Festival

Dillon, CO

July 24,25,26, 2020  This date cancelled.

Moved to September 11,12,13, 2020

Avon Art Festival

Avon, Colorado

August 7,8,9, 2020

Jackson Hole Art Festival

Jackson, Wyoming


August 15,16, 2020

Golden Art Festival

Golden, Colorado

Downtown Golden


I only have 2 shows in Colorado plus maybe another one.  However if the 6ft rule is in effect in Colorado the shows will 

be cancelled.   I certainly has been a difficult summer.